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Daughters of Night: Possession - ONLINE BOOK TOUR

02/18/2013 00:00

Daughters of Night: Possession is going on tour! Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, we'll be making several stops between 2/18-2/25. I'd love to see everyone stop by to at least one tour stop and join me in getting the word out about the second book in the Daughters of Night series!! I'm really excited about this, and I just know it's going to be fun. So, stop by any (or all) of the blogs on the dates indicated below, invite all your friends, and let's have fun!

Tour Schedule:

Monday (2/18) - I'll be doing a guest blog post and the awesome blogger is doing a review of the book

Tuesday (2/19) - Enjoy a guest blog post of the dream cast for Possession

Tuesday (2/19) - There's going to be an interview and later down the road they'll be doing a review of the book, too

Wednesday (2/20) - I'll be doing a guest blog post here

Thursday (2/21) - Here, we'll have a promotion for my book

Friday (2/22) - Another promotion for my book at this stop

Saturday (2/23) - This stop will be home to an interview, and I believe we're looking at a review, too

Saturday (2/23) - We have two stops on Saturday, and this one is running a promotion for my book

Sunday (2/24) - We have another promotion stop here

Sunday (2/24) - One more book review at this stop, so plenty of opinions to read

Monday (2/25) - And here we run into our last guest blog post

Whew! I'm gonna be so busy!! Definitely keep up and see all the awesome things everyone has to say. :) Hope to see you all there!




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